MEPCO has been undertaking many prestigious Electro-Mechanical contracts, involving Electrical, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Security, Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting, Sprinkler, MATV, CCTV, Telephone, Structured Cabling and Building Management Systems sectors. Within a short period of time, MEPCO has taken the lead in the race of all other prevailing Electro Mechanical companies in the region.

We design, prepare, and interpret all kinds of Industrial, Residential & Commercial Electro Mechanical drawings and schematics. MEPCO demonstrates and apply knowledge in Electro Mechanical theory and mathematics in the construction and operation of Electromechanical systems.

We believe the successful business operation of MEPCO built upon the principles of fair dealing and mutual respect we developed through positive relationships with Clients / Customers. MEPCO demonstrate technical skills in a variety of Electro Mechanical fields, apply accepted safety standards and meet work quality standards.


To be a Total Solution Provider for all sorts of Electro Mechanical Works in the region.


We are committed to continuously provide quality services and high-level job performance safely, maintain an honorable relationship with Clients as well as profitably meeting our business objectives.

Customer Satisfaction

MEPCO maintains strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated though positive relationships with Clients / Customers. We interpret ideas and develop plans through communicating with Clients and fulfilling their dreams into reality.


Working together is success. MEPCO’s ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives is the fuel that allows us to attain uncommon results.

Quality Services

MEPCO implements a Quality Management System with high standards to provide high quality, efficient and cost effective services for Projects.

Safety First

“Safety First” is “Safety Always”.